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We’re your growing consultants for any hydroponic or other growing application you might need. You can contact Arleigh and Kim Bonnaha and we will assist you…just ask us how!

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We’re experts in growing techniques and we’re up-to-speed on latest technologies including hydroponics and large scale growth.

Our network took off in 2013, and we never looked back. Now we have contacts in multiple states, a huge supplier network, and of course, access to the most knowledgeable growing sources in the industry. Of course, we know that people are the greatest asset we have, and that’s why our relationships are treasured. Please contact us!


what we know

Top priorities

Keeping ourselves sharp, focused and educated about one of America’s fastest growing industries is our top priority.

Our research indicates that billions of dollars will be invested in the plant growth and distribution industries.


Living in Arizona positions us for access to all of the western United States, and literally thousands of growers, dispensaries, and industry suppliers. We have reach!

The next decade will see the acceleration of the industry and its expansion into medical markets in ways not seen before. AB Growing Supplies wants to be on the leading edge of this growth.

We started our business from scratch. We learned by trial and error, and by listening to people whose expertise we trusted. While we don’t know everything about the plant and growing industry, we know how to find answers to just about any question you might have.

Please contact Arleigh and Kim Bonnaha with your questions.


a growing Video Tour

Want to grow with the latest technologies? Watch this video. While it’s a simple approach to a well known product, tomatoes, it explains the process in simple terms. Enjoy it!

Look Inside the growing world

The medical side of the growing world is taking shape. Seeing ahead is critical for those seeking to capitalize on the enormous financial opportunities.

AB Growing Supplies & Hydroponics is setting its sites on the future. We’re watching, reading, learning, and forming our own strategies as we seek a new future vision.

Ours is a far-reaching vision of where the growing industry is going and we’re already moving ahead with it.

If you would like our input, or just want to exchange ideas and explore possibilities, let  us know…we’ll be here!


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Throughout our journey we’ve met the most amazing people, each a link in a long chain of events. We’re here…reach out to us!

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