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sun-hut-logoWhat is a “grow tent” and what is the value of a grow tent?

Grow tents are exactly what the name implies. They are tents in which you can grow just about any plant or veggie you want and they can, when set up property, provide an incredibly balanced growth environment. After all, we know that temperature, ventilation and humidity are all key components of rich hydroponic growth environments.

Grow tents allow you to create an ideal indoor, or even outdoor, environment for your plants and to match it with nature’s optimal environment. The grow tent environment is much better than a room in your house where you plants may not thrive due to incompatible elements and lack of proper ventilation and temperature control.

What is a grow tent? A grow tent is a light proof, rectangular tent into which you place, create and maintain an optimal hydroponics ecosystem. When we talk about a tent being light proof, what we are referring to is the lack of outside light penetrating the interior of the tent. Grow tents are black on the outside for this reason. They are lined on the interior with reflective material in order to utilize artificial light.

A grow tent will allow you to create a suitable and effective environment in terms of maintaining the light intensity, temperature, ventilation and humidity. Grow tents are portable and can be erected almost anywhere. They are very durable and are manufactured in various sizes allowing you to create small growing environments to large production systems.

Your tent size will depend largely on your available space and the growing objective you have in mind.

Here are some of the many advantages of using a grow tent:

  • Portability: tents are lightweight and fit inside a medium to large sized duffle bag. You can move a tent from one place to another.
  • Assembly: tents are easy to assemble and disassemble, often requiring no special tools at all.
  • Greenhouse: tents are a greenhouse environment and there is no limit to your growing season or climate
  • Customization: tents allow you to control temperature, humidity, light and ventilation, all essential to maximizing your plant growth.
  • Energy: tents are efficient and ensure that proper light reaches you plants. There is little waste in terms of temperature control
  • Durability: tent material is very lightweight but strong and durable, designed for years of use.

Contact AB Growing Supply & Hydroponics for grow tent information. Ask us to help you set up your new grow tent. We sell SunHut tents and can help you with other brands as well.

Here is a video that will help you with your grow tent experience.

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