Understanding the Aquaponic Environment

aquaponicsEfficiency of water use in the growing cycle is now a priority and becoming the new reality.

Aquaponic systems (fish and their by products) is now inseparably married to hydroponics. It truly is a marriage made in heaven!

Let’s talk fish. Tilapia is a popular aquaponics fish. But let’s not limit ourselves. Aquaponic farmers and hydroponic gardeners are now utilizing bluegill, trout a catfish or two and other aqua marine fish in the development of aquaponic environments.

Of course, you can go in style and use goldfish and Koi but to develop a full aquaponics system where you grow fish and lettuce, cucumbers and tomatoes you are going to want to focus on the edible varieties of fish.

One of the key consideration (you knew we would get here) used in fish selection is their survivability and this is connected to you ability to maintain water temperatures in which your fish can thrive.

This is why Tilapia are a good choice. Tilapia can handle a range of temperatures from the low 60 degree level up to the mid 70 degree mark. Trout, for example, can survive up to a maximum temperature of 65 degrees but if you want them to thrive you will need water temperatures in the high 40 degrees to the low 50 degree level.

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