Life from Death – It’s Always About the Water

parched-earth-new-lifeThe California drought has had an enormous impact on farmers and ranchers who rely on water for the survival of their enterprises.

Whether we consider the water rationing to be a political move or not, the fact is water is now being rationed by official edict of the State of California.

Water is the ingredient that produces life from parched soil. But, the question now facing agriculturists is, “Are we using water correctly to insure that supply meets true demand?”

AB Growing Supplies is a company dedicated to utilizing water (hydro, aqua) technologies to enable the rich production of plants for human consumption and pleasure. Through the proper use of water, media, light and ingredients it is now possible to create a quality and quantity of plant growth with less water than ever before.

Of course, the development of ecosystems utilizing state-of-the-art aquaponics systems is gaining popularity as an alternative to traditional water management in farming.

We invite you to attend one of our learning events to hear about implementing hydroponics and aquaponics for pleasure and profit.

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